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Water Rates :  Effective July 1, 2019

  Great Oaks Water Company continues to provide water service at the lowest rates of any regulated water utility in Santa Clara County. Information on this page will help you determine how charges on your water bill are calculated.

  The Water Charge on your water bill is made up of two separate calculations: the readiness to Serve Charge (also known as the meter charge) and the Usage Charge (also known as volume charges).

  The Readiness to Serve charge is a monthly charge determined by the size of the water meter serving your property. This charge applies even if no water is used. The monthly charge authorized by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for General Metered Service for each meter size is listed below.

Meter Size

Monthly Charge

 5/8" x 3/4" $       14.91
 3/4"x 3/4" $       22.36
 1" $       37.26
 1 1/2" $       74.53
 2" $     119.25
 3" $     223.59
 4" $     372.65
 6" $     745.29
 8" $  1,192.47
 10" $  1,714.17
 12" $  2,459.46

  The Usage Charge is determined by the amount of water used during the bi-monthly billing period. Water usage is measured in units of 100 cubic feet (100 cu.ft. = 1 ccf). 100 cubic feet of water is equal to 748 gallons. Single-family residential customers are subject to CPUC-designed tiered rates. All other customers are charged based upon uniform rates.

  Surcharges authorized by the CPUC are mostly based upon water usage. Applicable surcharges are shown on your bill and are more fully described in the tariff pages authorized by the CPUC.

  Water usage charges authorized by the CPUC are shown in the table below.

Usage per billing period

Usage Charge per 100 Cubic Feet (ccf)

Uniform Rates

Tiered Rates

0 - 6 ccf $ 3.2560 $ 1.3024
7 - 24 ccf $ 2.6048
Over 24 ccf $ 3.9723

  The Readiness to Serve Charge and the Usage Charge, together with any applicable surcharges are added together to produce the Water Charge portion of your bill. The CPUC regulatory fee of 1.23% and the City of San Jose tax of 5% is also included in your bill.

  If you have any questions regarding your bill, please contact Customer Service at (408) 227-9540.

Mandatory Water Conservation
Tariff Schedule No. 14.1

PUC Regulations

Filings with the California Public Utilities Commission

Tariff Schedules Advice Letter 297-W
Commission Filing Distribution List
Advice Letter 299-W
System Maps Advice Letter 300-W
Advice Letter Search Advice Letter 300-W-A
Advice Letter 301-W
Advice Letter 302-W


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