Automatic Payment of Bills - Sure Pay  Program


The most convenient way to make your water bill payments is to sign up for our Sure Pay program.  We can make arrangements to have your water bill information sent electronically to your bank.  A copy of the bill will be mailed to your home for you to check.  It will indicate that the bill is being paid under the Sure Pay program and will tell you on what date the money will be deducted from your account.

   Great Oaks Water pioneered this system many years ago, and was the first water company in the U.S. to offer such a system. Sure Pay is provided free of any charge by us or your bank.  Many automated or computer banking systems charge you a fee to use their system.  We don't.

   To enroll in this program just send us a voided blank check from your checkbook.  We will take care of all other details and you can sit back and relax knowing that your water bills are being paid promptly and you are saving the cost of a stamp and a check.


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