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Here are other links about water and our community:

State & National Water Agencies:
Local Water Agencies:
American Water Works Association San Jose Water Company
California Water Association  California Water Service
Environmental Protection Agency Santa Clara Valley Water District
California Department of Public Health  
California Department of Water Resources Local Community Groups: .
California Public Utilities Commission South San Jose.com
  Santa Teresa Foothills Neighborhood Association
Taxpayer Info
Silicon Valley Taxpayers 
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assoc.    
 County Supervisor Mike Wasserman


Telephone Numbers for Other Agencies

California Water Service: 408-367-8200
City of Gilroy: 408-848-0450
City of Milpitas: 408-942-3231
City of Morgan Hill: 408-776-7337
City of Mountain View: 415-903-6216
City of Sunnyvale: 408-730-7500
City of Santa Clara: 408-984-3183
City of San Jose Garbage: 408-277-2700
Cupertino Muni: 408-777-3354
P G & E:
800-743-5000 English
800-360-6789 Spanish
San Martin - West of Railroad: 408-683-2098
San Martin - East of Railroad: 408-782-9103
San Jose Muni Water: 408-535-3500
San Jose Water Company: 408-279-7900

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