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Protecting Your Water Supply

"It has long been recognized that among public utilities, water supply facilities offer a particularly vulnerable point of attack to the foreign agent, due to the strategic position they occupy in keeping the wheels of industry turning and in preserving the health and morale of the American people"  J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI, 1941

   It is for this reason that Great Oaks Water Company has always been
very conscious of the need for the security measures it has implemented at all it's well sites, storage tanks and other facilities.

   It is important to recognize that all of Great Oaks water is obtained from deep wells and is stored in covered and protected storage tanks.  Our water is not open to terrorist contamination in the same way that other providers' surface water sources (lakes, rivers, treatment plants and reservoirs) might be.  No particular well serves any specific geographic area ; our network of underground pipes is interconnected to form a large communal source of water.  Several backup generators help to ensure that water supply will be maintained during possible power outages.

   Each of our facilities is fenced and padlocked at the perimeter access.  All inside containers or storage units are also padlocked and secured.  The physical sites are monitored by video and/or patrolled regularly by local law enforcement as well as our field staff.  The water is tested at more than 20 different locations every week to maintain the highest standards of purity.

   We give all our customers our assurance that we are working diligently to provide you with a safe and healthful water supply.

The Management and staff of Great Oaks Water Company


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